This list contains mostly peer-reviewed publications and patent applications in reverse chronological order. My PhD and MSc theses are also available to download at the bottom of this page.

Articles in Journals, Magazines, Conference Proceedings and Standalone Reports

Steve Renals, Jean Carletta, Keith Edwards, Hervé Bourlard, Phil Garner, Andrei Popescu-Belis, Dietrich Klakow, Andrey Girenko, Volha Petukova, Philippe Wacker, Andrew Joscelyne, Costis Kompis, Simon Aliwell, William Stevens and Youssef Sabbah
ROCKIT: Roadmap for Conversational Interaction Technologies
Proceedings of the 2014 Workshop on Roadmapping the Future of Multimodal Interaction Research including Business Opportunities and Challenges (RFMIR '14), pp 39-42, ACM, 2014.

Harry Hatzakis, Sören Grimm and Costis Kompis
Quantitative Medical Imaging in the Cloud: Enabling VIGOR++ with 3DNet
SUCRE CloudSource Magazine, Issue 3, Healthcare, 2014

George Tsekouras and Costis Kompis
Public-private partnerships for SMEs: A new model emerging
In T. K. Das (Ed.), Managing public-private strategic alliances, pp. 27-83, Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing, 2014.

Costis Kompis and George Tsekouras
Lessons from Public-Private Innovation Strategic Alliances for SMEs
Enabling Factors article, innovationmanagement.se, 11 Nov 2013

Costis Kompis and Prateek Sureka (Editors)
Power Management Technologies to Enable Wireless and Remote Sensing
Electronics Sensors Photonics KTN Report, London, UK, May 2010.

Costis Kompis and Kyriakos Orfanidis
Technology Roadmaps 2010-2020: Autonomous Underwater Vehicles and Distributed Smart Camera Surveillance Systems
Techinical Report FeedNetback Project, London, UK, Nov 2009.

Costis Kompis and Simon Aliwell (Editors)
Energy Harvesting Technologies to Enable Wireless and Remote Sensing
Sensors & Instrumentation KTN Action Group Report, London, UK, June 2008.

A. May, V. Mitchell, J. Piper, L. Hanna, S. Hailes, and K. Koumpis
Opportunities and Challenges for Configurable Sensor Networks for Enabling Effective Fire-In-Tunnel Response
In Proc. of 14th International Emergency Management Society (TIEMS) Annual Conference 2007, Trogir, Croatia, June 2007. (Best paper award)

Costis Koumpis, Graham Farrell, Andrew May, Jen Mailley, Martin Maguire, Vaia Sdralia
To Err is Human, to Design-Out Divine: Reducing Human Error as a Cause of Cyber Security Breaches
In Proc. of Cyber Security KTN Annual Conference, London, June 2007.

L. Hanna, K. Koumpis, J. Riihijärvi and P. Mähönen
Reconfigurable, Ubiquitous, Networked Embedded Systems and their use in Emergency Response Applications
In Proc. of 5th European Conference on Mobile Solutions, Mobile Europe 2006, Malaga, Spain, September 2006

K. Koumpis, L. Hanna and S. Hailes
Tunnels of Terror
IEE Computing and Control Engineering Magazine, Feb/Mar 2006.

K. Koumpis, L. Hanna, M. Andersson and M. Johansson
A Review and Roadmap of Wireless Industrial Control
Industrial Wireless Book, Oct 2005.

K. Koumpis and S. Renals
Content-based access to Spoken Audio
IEEE Signal Processing Magazine (Special Issue on Speech Technology and Systems in Human-Machine Communication), Vol. 22, No. 5, pp. 61-69, Sept. 2005

K. Koumpis
Opportunities and Challenges in Spoken Media Search
In Proc. of the IST Consultation Workshop on "Challenges of Future Search Engines",Brussels, Belgium, 15 Sept. 2005.

K. Koumpis and L. Hanna
Proceedings of the First RUNES Industry Forum
In conjuction with the 3rd Intl. Conference on Pervasive Computing (PERVASIVE 2005), Munich, Germany, May 2005.

K. Koumpis, L. Hanna, M. Andersson and M. Johansson
Wireless Industrial Control and Monitoring beyond Cable Replacement
In Proc. of the 2nd PROFIBUS International Conference 2005, Coombe Abbey, Warwickshire, UK, 21-22 June 2005.

K. Koumpis and S. Renals
Automatic Summarization of Voicemail Messages using Lexical and Prosodic Features
ACM Transactions on Speech and Language Processing, Vol. 2, No. 1, pp. 1-24, Feb 2005.

K. Koumpis
Advances in Profile Assisted Voicemail Management
Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, Bussler, C.; Fensel, D. (Eds.) Vol. 3192, pp. 226-235, Springer-Verlag, Sept. 2004

K. Koumpis
Automatic Categorization of Voicemail Transcripts using Stochastic Language Models
Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, Sojka, P.; Kopecek, I.; Pala, K. (Eds.) Springer-Verlag, Vol. 3206, pp. 363-370, Sept. 2004.

K. Koumpis
Patterns of Innovation in Spoken Language Engineering Industry
'What do we know about Innovation?' A Conference in honour of Keith Pavitt, Brighton, UK, Nov. 2003.

K. Koumpis and S. Renals
Multi-class Extractive Voicemail Summarization
Proc. Eurospeech, pp. 2785-2788, Geneva, Switzerland, Sept. 2003.

K. Koumpis and S. Renals
Evaluation of Extractive Voicemail Summarization
Proc. ISCA Workshop on Multilingual Spoken Document Retrieval, Hong Kong, China, Apr. 2003.

K. Koumpis and S. Renals
The Role of Prosody in a Voicemail Summarization System
Proc. ISCA Workshop on Prosody in Speech Recognition and Understanding, pp. 87-92, Red Bank, NJ, USA, Oct. 2001.

K. Koumpis, S. Renals and M. Niranjan
Extractive Summarization of Voicemail using Lexical and Prosodic Feature Subset Selection
Proc. Eurospeech, Vol. 4, pp. 2377-2380, Aalborg, Denmark, Sept. 2001.

K. Koumpis and S. Riis
Adaptive Transition Bias for Robust Low Complexity Speech Recognition
Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. on Acoustics Speech and Signal Processing, Vol. 1, pp. 277-280, Salt Lake City, USA, May 2001.

K. Koumpis, C. Ladas and S. Renals
An Advanced Integrated Architecture for Wireless Voicemail Data Retrieval
Proc. of 15th IEEE Int. Conf. on Information Networking, pp. 403-410, Beppu, Japan, Jan-Feb 2001.

K. Koumpis and S. Renals
Transcription and Summarization of Voicemail Speech
Proc. of 6th Int. Conf. on Spoken Language Processing, Vol. 2, pp. 688-691, Beijing, China, Oct. 2000.

K. Koumpis, S. Cvetkovic and G. Peersman
Performance Evaluation of an SMS-Based Email and Voicemail Notification Architecture
Proc. of 5th Workshop on Emerging Technologies in Telecommunications, pp. 282-286, Bayona, Spain, Sept. 1999.

K. Koumpis and K. Pavitt
Corporate Activities in Speech Recognition and Natural Language: Another "New Science" - based Technology
International Journal of Innovation Management, Vol.3, No.3, pp. 335-366, Sept. 1999.

K. Koumpis
Who is looking at Speech?
Speech Technology Magazine, pp. 44-46, Feb-Mar 1999.

K. Koumpis, V. Digalakis and H. Murveit.
Design and Implementation of an Auto-attendant System for the TUC Campus using Speech Recognition
Proc. of IEEE Int. Conf. on Acoustics Speech and Signal Processing, Vol 2, pp 845-848, Seatlle, USA, May 1998

K. Koumpis and I. Geragotellis
Business Oriented Management of IT
IT Consultant Magazine, Vol. 3, No. 1, p. 80, Jan-Feb 1998.

Filed Patents

M. Holt and K. Koumpis
Robust Pattern Recognition
Filed Patent (GB0310720.8), Mar. 2003.

S. Riis and K. Koumpis
Speech Recognition Method and System
Filed Patent (EP1220197 & GB2370401), Dec. 2000.


K. Koumpis
Automatic Voicemail Summarisation for Mobile Messaging
Ph.D. Thesis in Computer Science, University of Sheffield, UK, 2002.

K. Koumpis
Corporate Technological Positioning in Automatic Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing
M.Sc. Thesis in Technology and Innovation Management, University of Sussex, UK, 1998.

K. Koumpis
Design and Implementation of an Auto-attendant System for the TUC Campus using Speech Recognition
Dipl.Eng. Thesis in Electronics and Computer Engineering, Technical University of Crete, Greece, 1997.