This is a list of some of the projects that I have participated in or led (roughly in reverse chronological order). They cover diverse areas such as sensors & sensing systems, wireless communications, ubiquitous computing, energy harvesting, cybersecurity, speech processing, autonomous systems and medical imaging.
You can see a brief description of individual projects by moving the cursor over the each title.

  • Building RAPPORT between Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Public or Private Research Capabilities (FP7 RAPPORT)
  • Multimodal Oncology Disease Management System (MODiMaS)
  • Power Management Technologies to Enable Wireless and Remote Sensing
  • Feedback Design for Wireless Network Systems (FP7 FeedNetback)
  • Energy Harvesting Technologies to Enable Wireless and Remote Sensing
  • Technologies to Determine the Location and Orientation of Remote Sensors
  • Quantum Enhanced Measurements for the Quantum Technology Action Plan (Q-TAP)
  • Reconfigurable Ubiquitous Networked Embedded Systems (FP6 RUNES)
  • Human Vulnerabilities in Network Security
  • Sensors & Instrumentation KTN
  • Wireless Sensing Interest Group (WiSIG)
  • Framework Programme Evaluations
  • Augmented Gas Canisters
  • Imaging Faraday Partnership
  • Voice Coding over the Web
  • Automatic Voicemail Categorisation
  • Mobile Multimodal Next Genaration Applications (MONA)
  • Strategic Usability and Pricing Research Activity (SUPRA)
  • Voice biometrics and PKI
  • VOXit Applications Series
  • Migration of Voice Algorithms to FPGAs
  • Speech Summarisation Using Prosodic Information (VoiceSum)
  • Name Dialling for Mobile Phones
  • Automatic Voicemail Transcription
  • Analysis of the European Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Market
  • Finance and Business Incubation
  • Transport Congestion Charge from a Public Policy Perspective
  • TUC Auto-attendant
  • Multimedia Atlas of Crete
  • Digital Anemometer