Hello and welcome to costiskompis.com, a micro-site designed to provide a brief introduction to my work related activities and interests.

I started my career developing signal processing and messaging systems, after having been trained as an electronic engineer and computer scientist. I was fortunate to work in a variety of organisations across Europe spanning academia, technology start-ups and multinational companies. Details can be found under projects, publications and awards. Nonetheless, from very early on I was intrigued by the fact that some of the best technologies fail to achieve their potential and hence my decision in 1997 to study and start applying innovation management theories.

Currently serving as managing partner of innovation management service provider Vodera and CTO of digital market research company DigitalMR. I also sit on several special interest groups and advisory committees for scientific research, engineering and economic development.

In these roles, I work extensively with private and public organisations to develop effective research strategy and knowledge sharing plans as well as access markets and finance. I have also helped organise and chaired numerous international scientific and knowlendge exchange events.

Feel free to get in touch via email or View Costis Kompis' profile on LinkedIn should you wish to discuss a project idea, or just say hello. Building and maintaining partnerships is essential to make our work more effective and enjoyable.

Costis Kompis